Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dart Manipulation #2 : straight dart to waist dart

   So i figured out the bust point but it is slightly higher than its suppose to be, I wanted to move the dart completely(parallel to the old dart) but then I will have to make a muslin and test the fit so I decided to cheat and just do this:

   I marked the bust point on the muslin, then opened it up using a seam ripper and put the transparent pattern on it to transfer the marking on the pattern

 So this is how I cheated, I hope it's not gonna cost me
I joined the bust point to the dart legs which as u can see does not correspond to the dart point so fingers crossed

I then drew a perpendicular line to center front and then a line from the waist line  to the bust point

  I then cut along that line and moved the part that I cut to close the straight dart (some people call it bust dart).

Next true side seam


I don't know, i think its not perfect but am still going to continue working with this pattern. Some people use tissue instead of sewing in muslin every time, may be i will try that.