Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dart Manipulation #1

Dart manipulation is the process of changing the position of the dart to create a different design. This can be done even on commercial patterns, that way even if you don't want to study patternmaking in detail, you can still create new designs from the patterns that you buy.
   This picture shows the basic locations of dart, starting from waist dart which was not labelled, next is French , then straight( perpendicular to center front) , then mid armhole,shoulder tip, mid shoulder, mid neck, center front neck, CF bust and CF waist dart.

        My Basic Barbie bodice has what was suppose to be a straight dart (though not that straight) so I need to make it into a waist dart because that is how the basic pattern is suppose to be according to the book I use.
Another thing is I have to figure out my bust point(apex of breast), unfortunately barbie doesn't have nipples, but am going to figure it out, though it got me thinking why I can't just use the dart point as a hinge if you know what I mean.
  This pic below will give you an idea

so this is how you manipulate dart, you slash a wedge and move it over to the other side while using the bust point as a hinge, i guess if i use the dart point then every dart will be radiating from a different point which i guess will distort the shape of the bodice. Both pictures above are from my patternmaking book.

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