Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to sew barbie pattern

Pattern 2
I pinned the pattern to fabric (wrong side out) and used a soft pencil (3B above) to draw the outline on the fabric

Pinning straight down on my yoga mat
Cutting away the seam allowance

I had some difficulties cutting off the allowance from  my straight pinned patten bcoz I wasn't free to move the pattern piece around, maybe straight pinning isn't such a good idea but it keeps the pattern in place as I draw the outline, am always scared when pieces keep moving around bcoz its a small doll, any slight change in measurement can really disturb the whole thing.
       And now for the part I hate the most is transferring the markings on the other side, I wish there is an easier of doing this, I do have a tracing paper, I used it once when I was making a pinafore dress ( jumper dress ). Am not sure how well it's going to work out for doll clothes, am going to have to think about how am going to lay down the pattern pieces. My tracing wheel has a serrated teeth, I don't know if it's such a good idea for such small pattern pieces but I will try.
So I decided to try the tracing paper, am going to use the orange one, hope it works

It worked! thank God

May be next time I only need to trace the seamline and not the allowance since am going to cut on it anyway.
I didnt realize that i needed 2 sleeves until now, now i have to cut another one aaaaggggggh! I think cutting is the most difficult part of sewing.

So I decided to pin the other sleeve and use it as a pattern piece

Everything cut out and ready to sew


  1. Where did you get the sewing patterns?

    1. That pattern is from

  2. Hello, I actually got the pattern a long time ago but I gave a link in the first post for how to sew Barbie pattern, this pattern is pattern number 2 i think.