Friday, February 10, 2012

Draft or Drape the sleeve?

i have been thinking of how I would draft a sleeve for my barbie.
I have already tried drafting it on paper but that didn't work out so well, in fact all of my attempt at drafting for Barbie wasn't successful ( I use patternmaking for fashion design by Helen Joseph Armstrong ) , draping was much better and easier I think.
Another thing I found very difficult was finding any good tutorial  for sewing doll clothes, most of the ones I find are meant for sewing Barbie clothes for kids, in which there are no darts or anything complicated and since my real passion is to make clothes for real people I need to make everything as perfect as possible.
          I found this tutorial on and am going to try it. From my previous pictures of the bodice I have made you can see that I need to lower my arm hole before any sleeve can fit in there.
this is the picture from

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