Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dart Manipulation #4: Pivotal transfer technique

In this case i did not connect the dart leg to the bust point i left the bust point intact

The pattern is place on another pattern paper, i then put a pin through the bust point and the pattern paper below

label the dart leg A and B and mark the point where you want the new dart to be (extend it to touch the paper below), which in my case is the mid neck. Also mark the position of dart leg A on paper below.

Now i draw the outline from the mark at the neck point to that at the dart leg A. As you can see i labelled the mark at the neck C

Now rotate the pattern until dart leg B is where is where A used to be.

Now draw a line from point C to dart leg B

Now connect dart leg to dart point and viola ( all lines joined and trued )

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