Saturday, March 10, 2012

Draping a sleeve

    I started trying to drape a sleeve. There were a few things i thought i must fix in the bodice before draping a sleeve, i thought i must increase the size of the armhole to provide ease for the sleeve cap.

also i thought i need to lower the neckline and probably increase the shoulder seem

Well i didn't do any of  that, i just thought i should see what will happen if i just fit the sleeve without doing any of the above, and well it didn't turnout are the pictures.

This is how the sleeve looks off, I know, it doesn't look right at all.

This is it with the arm slightly forward, it looks quiet normal but of course it's not

When I pull the arm back to its appropriate position on the side it pulls the bodice as you can see and creates this puckering
With the arm up it pulls the bodice completely up

This is it with the arm pulled back, it pulled the bodice back

when I bring the arm back to the front, it seams as if  everything is fine. 

  Well am going to fix all of that, and also i had a really difficult time draping the sleeve because i couldn't lift her arm, so i decided to buy a barbie fashionista (ball jointed barbie), my second try will definitely be on her.

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