Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to sew barbie pattern 2

Pin dart on seam line and another pin on the side, the dart is so small I don't know how accurate it's going to turn out.

 Sew dart
 My first stitching didn't go so well there    was looping underneath, so I removed it   and sew again. Of course if this was human size cloth it will be much easier to pin and sew.

I like to leave extra thread at the tip and legs of the dart to tie double knot and then cut, repeat at the end of the dart.

this is after cutting off the extra thread

All darts done, now press dart down as shown below

Pin shoulder seam, the back seam is bigger, if this where my pattern I will true, but may be that's how it's meant to be.
Use two pins just in case , and move the pin on the seam out as u sew, don't let the needle strike it.

Side seam sewn

Double knot and cut thread

then press seam open

The sleeve seam to be too big for the armhole, unless of course its a gathered one.

So i tried to hand baste, but i thought there might be too much puckering so i machine baste.

Attach armhole and hem sleeve, I also  baste the sleeve in before sewing with machine.

This was the best I could, as you can see there is some wrinkling
In the first sleeve I sew with sleeve below, in the second I tried to sew with the sleeve on top, it didn't work out so well, i had to rip out the seam and do it again,
I guess I should have allowed a bit of gathering at the middle
Sleeve ironed

Clip the neck curve and press, then sew
Sewing the neck curve was quiet difficult, next time I will use a bigger seam allowance, this was 2/8 of an inch, I usually use 1/2 an inch
Sew side seam and sleeve

I pinned the center back and viola
Well the bodice and sleeve are too big but it was a nice experience now when I sew my sloper I would not make some of the mistakes I made here.

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  1. Hey, can you tell me whats the name of this fabric? I'm curious!!!